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There are many reasons to decide that your teeth need a little whitening. People who drink a lot of soda, coffee, and tea can see their teeth stain and discolor, just like smokers. You’ll find a plethora of tips within this article which will help you to whiten your teeth and keep them in their best condition for a lifetime.

Always take care of your teeth each and every day. Brushing and flossing after each meal and snack is the best way to keep your teeth white. As such you will remove plaque and excess food before it builds up and discolors your pearly whites.

Make sure to see your dentist about the choices available to you if you are uncomfortable about stains and discolorations on your teeth. Many people feel that teeth whitening is a wasteful investment. However, if the color of your teeth affects your life in a positive manner, then it is a valid investment. Everyone deserves to be able to smile with confidence.

You may try brushing your teeth using the peel of a banana. A lot of people do this and say it works well. Simply peel a banana and use the peel to run over your teeth before brushing them. Then, follow with regular brushing. The whitening results will be apparent immediately.

If you drink dark wine, coffee, soda or tea, try alternating your consumption with sips of water. If consumed often, these particular drinks contain items that will stain your teeth. Rinsing or sipping water following imbibing them can remove residual residue that creates stains. Also, be sure to brush after.

Get rid of your mouthwash. When your teeth won’t stay white, it may be because of your mouthwash. Mouthwash is made up of many harmful chemicals. Among these chemicals are some that can cause staining of the teeth.

Avoid utilizing fluoride toothpaste. This is known to be a chemical ion and is sometimes found in soil, food, and water. When exposed to large quantities of fluoride, teeth can become discolored. A natural way to get your teeth white is simply by choosing a toothpaste without fluoride.

While teeth whitening may look like a good idea, you must have caution when you do it. If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself with increased tooth sensitivity, or painful bleeding gums. Make sure to contact a dentist if any problems develop. You must realize you might be one of those people who are restricted to professional whitening.

Do not fall into the trap of believing that whitening toothpastes are effective. They can provide a bit of help, but you really need to use some other methods. If you still choose to use a whitening toothpaste, opt for one with baking soda.

Have regular cleanings at the dentist for whiter teeth. One of the most effective ways in whitening teeth is to have your teeth cleaned regularly. You need to visit your dentist at least every six months.

Bleach whitening, while having cavities or gum disease, is not advisable at all. The whitening can cause your teeth to become further damaged and cause you to have pain that could have been avoided. You can talk to your dentist about other alternatives that might be helpful.

Mix lemon juice and table salt for a homemade whitening product. Store it in a container that is sealed and you can use it again without worries of quick spoiling.

Try not to eat or drink foods that stain your teeth easily after you have just gotten a whitening treatment. Whitened teeth can easily absorb various colors or stains from food and drink. After the process, avoid dark foods. For example, coffee can cause staining, as it can soak into recently whitened teeth.

Even your mouthwash can whiten your teeth. It can take a very long time before you notice results when you use this method, but it is effective. Whitening mouthwash has hydrogen peroxide which people say whitens teeth. Rinse your mouth with the mouthwash twice every day for about 30 seconds before you brush your teeth.

Eat a lot of raw foods to keep your teeth healthy. Things like fresh fruits and vegetables are a wonderful option. Processed and fast foods can create cavities and discolor your teeth. Do the best you can to have healthy teeth by not consuming these foods. Try not to eat at a lot of different times during the day as food will discolor your teeth.

If you are suspicious of the effects of a certain chemical on your teeth, consult with your dentist who can offer professional advice. Dentists can advise you on which items are good and which ones have harmful side effects.

Regardless of how dull your teeth are now, the advice above, combined with the assistance of your dentist, can help you to attain a Hollywood-worthy smile. Put the preceding tips to use, and smile with confidence.

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